Review Terms for Final

Two concepts that I think would be important for the final are:

1. Remix culture

2. interpretive community


Media Networks Proposal-Pretty Little Liars

I would like to do the TV show “Pretty Little Liars” for my media networks wiki project. This is a TV show that appears on ABC family and is based off a series of books by Sara Sheppard. This television show is about a group of girls in high school, whose best friend has been murdered. They are haunted and harassed by a character known as “A”, who always knows what they are doing. The story follows their drama, relationships and hunt for who has murdered their best friend. I think this is a good choice because it is something I know a lot about. I am an avid watcher of the show and think it will be interesting to look into the community of people who know everything or think they know everything there is to know about the show. Also, I think it will be very good because the show is kind of a mystery show and there is debate and arguing over who is “A”, what the girls should do, and even more. 

I have a plan to talk about Pretty Little Liars based on the three content sections of knowledge community, interpretive disputes, and refashioning. I think knowledge communities is a good content area because there is so much information in the show and people come together to record and talk about this information and even look to find information that has not yet been released. I have found a Wiki page dedicated to giving people an online source of the characters, episodes and description of the show. I think interpretive disputes is a great content section, because as I states there is a lot of talk about who is “A” and what the girls in Rosewood should do. There are forums that discuss and argue about many of the problems in the lives of the people in the show. Lastly I think that refashioning is a good choice because there is a lot of fan fiction out there about Pretty Little Liars. There are stories about each individual character and their lives in 10 years and about relationships and twists in the story that do not actually happen in the show. The show offers such a wide variety of ways to refashion itself in fan fiction. 

I have found many sources to help me with this project already. Here are three. 

Pretty Little Liars Wikia :

Pretty Little Liars Fan Fiction:

Pretty Little Liars-The Official Cite:

Warm-up 4/2/13

“Remix Culture” is a society that allows and encourages and accepts its people to combine and edit pieces of work-whether it be songs, movies, art work, etc- that already exist and make them into new pieces of work. There are both positive and negative effects and outcomes that are established in a remix culture. One of the major problems and arguments against remix culture is that which comes with copy right. In a remix culture it is easy for people to steal others ideas without giving them any credit. But we have found ways to make having a copy right easy and available with websites and sources like “Creative Commons”. In the video we watch on “Everything is a Remix” one of the quotes that stood out to me most was “a good artist copies, a great artist steals”. I find this very mind boggling and it makes my feelings about remix culture not so positive. I think the idea of a remix culture is awesome, with old ideas combining with new to make a even better product. But I do not like how in some of the examples given, this remix culture can cause such a rift and so many problems based on who made what and who has the right to call it their own, when in reality like the video we watched said “EVERYTHING IS A REMIX”.

Warm-Up 3/26

In the electronic literature piece Star Wards: One letter at a time, by Brian Stefans, I found that the story related to the ideas of Bolter and Grusin on remediation, immediacy and hypermediacy. Overall the work was very confusing and hard to follow. In the beginning of their article, Bolter and Grusin talk about how aspects of this new media are meant to disappear. I found this very interesting while reading and noted that the “Star Wars” piece was constantly disappearing. After each letter the reader no longer could go back and view that letter again it was gone. I think this is important trend the new works of electronic literature, things are constantly disappearing. Also..